For the past few years, secondary school boards have faced significant challenges in examinations: lost or damaged answer booklets, question-paper leaks, to name a couple. Because secondary school examinations are high stakes and often serve as a decisive milestone to the student's future, it is imperative that each student has a hassle-free experience writing an examination — No Anxiety, No Tension...

The ExamPad ecosystem ensures a fair and student friendly examination experience. No question-paper leaks, no copying, and no unfair advantage to students through malpractices. The ExamPad ecosystem offers an even playing field for all students.

The ExamPad ecosystem is designed to help you conduct campus assessments on a large scale simultaneously — independent of technology, infrastructure availability, or web-based assessment delivery. Conduct exams as you would on paper
“Exams Simply Anywhere”
And get the advantage of real time scores and results processing!

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"The ExamPad and its ecosystem is a great innovation to achieve 100% paperless descriptive examinations. We expect the ExamPad ecosystem to revolutionize the way descriptive examinations are being done today. New technology and innovations like this will take India to a higher level of knowledge delivery to the globe. We are looking forward to implement the pilot examinations in our University"
- Dr K. Ramasamy, the Vice-Chancellor of Karpagam University, Coimbatore.