The increased admission of students in higher education institutions make semester and entrance examination management even more difficult than before. This increase in numbers has added to the challenge: printing question papers, managing student master data, overseeing logistics of distributing exams, evaluating responses, and publishing results require more attention. The increase in numbers also has resulted in an increase in fraud, identity theft, process failures, costs, and unreliability (as some have adopted objective-type questions resulting in students guessing answers).

The current offline model is not scalable. Even the current form of computer-based testing is passé and will not be scalable in the longer run.

The ExamPad and its ecosystem is the right solution to address these increasing challenges in the examination management supply chain.

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"The ExamPad and its ecosystem is a great innovation to achieve 100% paperless descriptive examinations. We expect the ExamPad ecosystem to revolutionize the way descriptive examinations are being done today. New technology and innovations like this will take India to a higher level of knowledge delivery to the globe. We are looking forward to implement the pilot examinations in our University"
- Dr K. Ramasamy, the Vice-Chancellor of Karpagam University, Coimbatore.